Pumpkin & Goats Milk Treats

It’s that time of year again where you want to break out the plaid and pumpkin lattes. Why not make some pumpkin treats for your pup? With these ingredients, they are healthy, tasty AND organic.

Pumpkin & Goats Milk treats

The recipe is super simple, with only two ingredients and a mold!

What you need:

  • 1/2 cup Pumpkin Puree Powder (or pumpkin puree)
  • 1/2 Raw Goats Milk
  • Molds (portions will vary depending on size of mold)

How to make:

  • First, mix your pumpkin powder with water to form a pumpkin puree.
  • Second, fill your molds up halfway with pumpkin puree
  • Freeze
  • Once your pumpkin puree is completely frozen, take out and fill the rest with raw goats milk.
  • Freeze, serve and let your pup enjoy!


Why use pumpkin powder instead of pumpkin puree?

I love pumpkin powder because it always outlasts my pumpkin puree. When I open a can of pumpkin puree, I am forced to use the whole can within a couple days of opening it. With pumpkin powder, I just scoop out a table spoon full, mix with water and store the rest in the pantry for future use. It’s actually quite simple and I have had mine last me almost a year now!

Where to buy?

All ingredients can be purchased at Big Country Raw’s store (or at your local PetValu or Ren’s Pets if you are out of delivery zone). I love Big Country Raw because all of their ingredients are organic, making this safe for Rémi.

You can also check out the organic section of your local super market for organic pumpkin puree. Raw goat’s milk can be purchased from local farms or markets, but I have yet to find them in the supermarket in my area.

How do these treats benefit my dog?

Great question! Pumpkin puree is great for dogs who have digestive problems. It helps with dogs who have both loose stools and constipation. Raw goats milk is full of enzymes that are good for your pet and acts as a great probiotic. If your pup has an upset tummy or troubles going to potty, these treats might be perfect for them!

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